[Collab] X2Y Sunscreen Commercial by Cyborg-Lucario

[Collab] X2Y Sunscreen Commercial


26 May 2019 at 09:52:18 MDT

This here is a collab with a friend of mine who wish to be anonymous, and I respect that.


A red kitsune was enjoying herself in the sun during a warm day on a beach. She looked over at a camera and smiled warmly. "Hello. My name is Kazumi Kitsune." She positioned herself up. "I am the vice president of X2Y, a company led by Xavvy that specializes in making all kinds of fun media for your entertainment." The vixen winked while showing off her swimsuit.

"Keep going." A man holding a flash card with those words whispered.

Kazumi kept going. "Today I am using SR-15 Sunscreen." She held up a yellow bottom that showed the contents of a new brand of sunscreen. "With a new formula, the miraculous SR-15 will help keep sun rays from hitting your skin, and your delicate fur." She said while she squirted some sunscreen into her right paw.

(Come on Kazumi.) The cameraman got a close-up of her as she rubbed sunscreen on her body.

"The SR-15 will protect you all day." She rubbed some on the Tao symbol on her belly. Kazumi didn't realize that her belly began to bloat, "and be sure to get it everywhere for extra protection." Kazumi rubbed her rump, and used her tails to get her back.

(What the?!) The camera focused on her gut.
Kazumi's belly was expanding like a balloon. She finished putting sunscreen on her arms, and her legs with the help of her tails.

The vixen didn't notice the bloating quite yet. "The SR-15 will keep your body protected from UV rays." Her butt began to bloat up. "There are side effects such as swelling." Kazumi looked at her body, and suddenly realized she was swelling up.

(What the!) The cameraman was concerned.

Kazumi was surprised as her belly bloated. She placed a hand on her rump, which made it wobble and vibrate. "Oh my!" She didn't think that this commercial was going to be cartoony.

It was surprising for her cameraman. (I thought this was suppose to be normal.)

Kazumi decided to smile and roll with it. "Swelling and bloating can be serious side effects of the SR-15." Soon her body ballooned up to the point where she became spherical, and she was wobbly. "Quite the side-effects." She then thought. "For those of you who enjoy cartoony fun, come on down to X2Y where you can experience all kinds of big fun." She enjoyed being a big bloated girl just to be silly.

The End of the Commercial

Kazumi Kitsune (c) Anonymous friend


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