Happy Hanukkah by Cyborg-Lucario

Happy Hanukkah


10 December 2018 at 03:17:12 MST

Check has invited her friend Francis (got to make sure to use my characters so they don't feel ignored) to her family's Hanukkah dinner and they're bringing food to it. Her family and relatives has a tradition where everyone makes food so that no single person in the whole family have the sole responsibility.

Francis may not be Jewish but considering how his attempts at getting a girlfriend has always failed so is it good that at least one girl respects him (he has surprisingly no issue of being in the friend zone for the moment).

I know that Hanukkah started on Monday, but it's a holiday that keeps going for days. It will in fact end on the tenth this year (the date of Hanukkah depends on the Jewish moon calendar) so I hope this still counts.
I may not be Jewish, but hey at least I respect other holidays. Especially when I made one of my characters Jewish.
Check Spring and Francis Jansson (c) Cyborg-Lucario

This piece was originally uploaded on Patreon a few days earlier. It was supposed to be up yesterday (2018-12-09), so it may be too late to post it here, and I'm sorry for that.
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