Time for pride by Cyborg-Lucario

Time for pride


10 June 2018 at 05:42:08 MDT

Normally I don't talk much about my sexuality because I believe what I'm doing and trying to make is more important.

But here we are in June, which is Pride Month (and also E3, but that's beside the point) and I do want people to be happy, ESPECIALLY in places where other sexualities or being trans is looked down on.

Here's my three fursonas, Cyborg-Lucario, Roy, and Alexis showing their support.

C-L is, as you have probably seen in his reference sheet, bisexual. "Yes, you may have seen me mostly with guys, but I swear that I'm really bisexual."

Roy may be bisexual too. "The reference says that I'm straight, but I also say in parenthesis that I may be bi. To be fair so do I prefer women, but that's ok. I mean, there's nothing wrong with guys."

And then we have my femsona. "I don't know about my sexuality, but I wouldn't mind hanging out and have fun with either gender. I'm not representative of some feeling about someone wanting to be the opposite sex, so there's nothing trans about me. But I will say that there's nothing wrong with accepting your feminine side. The same goes for all the girls and respecting their masculine sides."

That's it, not gonna make a much bigger deal out of my sexuality than it already is.

In the meanwhile so do I hope you all have a safe June.
Oh and please don't exclude any bisexuals who date or is married to someone of the opposite sex, asexuals, or straight people who wants to support LGBT+ rights. Seriously, that kind of behavior is awful.

The background is a last minute addition. It may be simple, but I believe it's effective.

Characters © Obviously me since they're my fursonas. XP

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