The Unexpectables by Cyborg-Lucario

The Unexpectables


13 October 2017 at 02:27:00 MDT

This isn't the first time I have made fan art of this D&D group with Takahata101 as Borky the orc barbarian, CZBacklash as Task the kobold ranger, Gaijin Goombah as Greckles the kenku rouge, and Senile Snake as Panic Grimtounge the tiefling bard. But this is the first one I have made that featured all of them.
And also together with antagonists from their adventures (but I admit that one of those villains have only been mentioned in one of the Unexpectable member's backstory, but he already had art drawn for him so I might as well put him in there).

This image is also inspired by the cover for the game Captain America and the Avengers (the Megadrive and SNES versions).

Would anyone believe that it took twelve layers to get this result?
Because I really wanted it to be as good as possible.
Characters belongs to their respective players
The setting of Alivast belongs to Monty Glu , the DM and Takahata's sister.

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