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Denu and Sing Sing by Cyborg-Lucario

Denu and Sing Sing


11 March 2016 at 04:03:37 MST

Originally posted and funded on Patreon:

Here are my two characters in the roleplaying game SCION. Denu, the daughter of Anubis (and yes, I based her slightly on an old character), and Sing Sing the daughter of Son Wukong.

(I know, you shouldn't play two characters at the same time, but I was kind of forced to make Sing Sing due to one of our players not feeling well (he played the biggest heavy hitter in the group)

One of them is a lawyer who's at first not used to her growing godly powers (especially the fact she's becoming a jackal hybrid), and the other was a high school student who thinks she's the best at what she does due to her dad.

Of course she started headstrong with only slight clues of being intelligent, mostly because she saw no fun in being a pompous smart ass.

Of course, she tries to not do stupid things and collateral damage unlike some others in the group.

No, Denu is not really fat (and she's not always in her hybrid form due to her not being a god yet, only a demigod). This was just a funny pic that I made.

I will probably make a more serious picture of them
Though considering how much I coloured and shaded it, so do I believe that I put too much effort on a picture that's supposed to be silly. :P

Characters (c) Me
SCION (c) White Wolf and Onyx Path Publishing

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