Are foxes pests or cute animals? by CybertechFoxArt

Are foxes pests or cute animals?


16 January 2016 at 16:15:06 MST

The infographic I made for my one design class. I gave the parts of a fox silly names to show the cute and harmless side of the animal. I hope to show the viewers that foxes are cute and to stop hunting them.
The quality had to be reduced so this could be uploaded.

Artwork © Lauren Bartley
All rights reserved.


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    62 times more likely to be bitten by a human that a fox. That is hilarious. XD
    What's it say about foxwolves?

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      I'm afraid I never heard of a foxwolf ?.?

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        I'm just playin' around. A foxwolf is a fox and wolf cross-breed, like me.

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    Foxes are not only cute, they are also very useful animals. Hunting them is pointless and cruel and should be banned for all time.
    Nice illustration, thanx for sharing ^^

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      I hate hunting, especially for sport. No animal should be pointlessly killed.
      And thank you very much! ^.^ I am glad people are enjoying this!