Welcoming 2017 by CyberPikachu

Welcoming 2017


29 December 2016 at 18:18:08 MST

With Kai outside the college, she's free to do what she does best - spread love and joy to all the many furs who need it. On this particular evening, she figures that it'll be fun to invite a handful of 'em to fly around with her across the fireworks-filled sky - which actually sounds fun if it didn't mean you'd have to dodge all the fireworks being blown up in your face! The lot didn't seem to mind, and it's definitely one way to welcome the incoming year. With that, she, together from all of us here from Cybie and Tykie, wish to greet everyone an advanced Happy New Year. Cheers, loves!

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Characters from left to right:
Thomas, Rae, Zen, Cody, Kai

Previous Welcoming New Year Pics:

Kai (c) Me
Thomas (c) MrNeonShot
Rae (c) FoxyToast
Zen (c) DarknessSorrowHell
Cody (c) YoKitCody