Zootopia - Just Married by CyberPikachu

Zootopia - Just Married


13 March 2016 at 09:40:24 MDT

I'm now officially Nick x Judy shipping trash ever since the movie came out, and I just had to get this art spark out of my system. Nonetheless, I enjoyed drawing this artwork, and hope you guys liked the movie as much as I did.

Also recorded my progress using XSplit Broadcaster, and here's the Speed Drawing video of my drawing process, together with awesome music (wasn't able to record my sketching stage, but I hope the inks-to-colors will somewhat inspire you).


Total drawing time: 5 hours 53 minutes (sketching time excluded because I wasn't able to record lol)
Sketch, Lineart and Flats done in Manga Studio 5
Background and other final touches done in Adobe Photoshop CS4

Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps, Mayor Lionheart, Flash, Benjamin Clawhauser, Chief Bogo and Zootopia (c) Disney



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    I was shipping those two before I even saw the movie

    they're just so cute together >w<

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      I know that feeling! Ever since the first teaser came out, I sort of thought that these two would have some chemistry, and sure enough they did when the movie was shown! They're super adorbs! ^^

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    Aaaahhh <3 I finally got to see the movie today and I totally approve of shipping Nick x Judy <3 Well drawn, a lovely scene you created here and their smiles are heartwarming!

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      ^ This. All of it. OwO (Just watched it last night btw)

      Also, Clawhauser's such a cutie~