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-Itte. - by CyberNomi

-Itte. -


2 June 2020 at 12:52:29 MDT

And then if I could see you on the last day of my life
I'm sure, even on the last day of my life, that I'd sing of love
Because you'd tell me none of it, none of it was in vain
Ah, I still can't believe that on the last day of my life, you won't be here...

ヨルシカ - 言って。

Or Chihiro inspired by n-buna and suis because I imagined him singing that. And that's how the concept of ryouseirui Chihiro appeared in my head and now I can't stop.
He was very pastel-y in his idol career. And honestly I'm loving it.
It's a pretty colorful piece but the song is kinda sad. I mean just look at the lyrics...
This gonna be good for MC Monday on Obey Me! subreddit next week.

My tablet screen displays the colors as more vivid/bright but my laptop screen shows them as more dull, and I don't know which version should I believe... If anyone got to this part, please tell me how it looks on your device.

This is actually one of my newest and most favorite piece I did. This character's name is Chihiro and he is my MC to Obey Me! otome game. After I remember how to make groups for art I will definitely add his and others' ref sheets.

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