Gourmet Vomit by cyberhound

Gourmet Vomit


16 January 2015 at 20:44:13 MST

I'm in love with Domino
It's not okay to be in love with your own OC

Domino (c) Me

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    sh sh sh it's okay
    im in love with my OC Mitch too uvu
    he's such a babe

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      omg yes you understand me

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        Tbh I wouldn't even question how a furry was real if he walked into my room. I'd just hug him and kiss him all over and elope with him.

        That sounds a little weird. But I'm not shitting you. My friend didn't even know what a furry was until I showed her him and she flipped shit and wanted to marry him.

        I feel ya' bruh. I. Feel. Ya'.

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          Honestly though, I think if I saw Domino irl I'd just die from how cool he is, not from the fact that he was a human-sized, upright, talking oppossum

          hahahaha I totally have a theory that there are a bunch of untapped furries who could be the biggest furries in the world if they actually knew what a furry was because they're so damn awesome

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            Fuckyes omg my friend doesn't know much about furries(thus she doesn't know the bad side of them) and she thinks they're pretty cool, and she likes their art and such.

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              omg yes slowly drag her into the fandom