Want Your Cybercat Livestream Commission Colored? Please Read by Cybercat

Want Your Cybercat Livestream Commission Colored? Please Read


2 January 2013 at 18:29:56 MST

I've been doing a bunch of livestream commissions for folks but haven't had time to do color. So we've worked out an arrangement.

If you have a livestream commission by me, and want it colored please check out Ralloonx's DA or FA page. She has my permission to color any of my commission line art. ( http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ralloonx/ )

She can color it starting at $20 for a single character, no background, and $30 for the two characters. (Backgrounds and such can be discussed.), and livestream doing it.

This image is an example of the coloring style that she can do , and it counts as no background. (In the future we are going to try for dual streams as well.)

Please note me, or even Ralloonx, if you have any questions

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    Sounds cool, now if only the stupid dice would favor me, grrrr... Used up all my good dice karma on save vs impending doom from pissed GM. HEHEHEHEHEHEH

    ah well, wildcard will pop up again and i'll probly go that route.

    Cheers to ya, hope Christmas was a blast,and that the New Year brings ya much awesomeness.