Your Character Here ! Ladder Auction " Serving Sekhmet " by Cybercat

Your Character Here ! Ladder Auction " Serving Sekhmet "


2 March 2014 at 19:44:17 MST


Hello and welcome to my 'Serving Sekhmet ' Your Character Here auction! I was very pleased with how the last ones went so I'm wanted to do another one! :)

As always this art's rating will be General Audience also known as 'clean'.

Any slot can be any Gender except for pose #8.

Any species is fine for any of the poses. I will change the body shape for a pose if the char is a taur or similar. No ferals this time though. Except for pose #8.

Wings on any of the pose spots are okay, but I may make them smaller or have them pulled in so it doesn't block the whole background.

Character's clothing will remain similar to the sketch, allowing edits for gender, I MAY make allowances if your char has something very special he or she always wears.

If you have questions please ASK BEFORE BIDDING!

Slot 1: Starting bid $35.00 (Green pose)

Slot 2: Starting bid $35.00 (Purple pose)

Slot 3: Starting bid $35.00 (Blue pose)

Slot 4: Starting bid $35.00 (Orange pose)

Slot 5: Starting bid $35.00 (Red pose)

Slot 6: Starting bid $35.00 ( Brown Pose )

Slot 7: Starting bid $35.00 (Violet Green)

Slot 8 : Originally I was not going to auction off this slot, as I was going to have it officially be Sekhmet. However I had so many people ask if that spot would be available I've decided to add it to the bidding offerings. However as it's the prominent spot, and I think it's awesome as Sekhmet already, the starting bid for the 'Goddess' spot is going to be intentionally exceptionally high. :) So if you want this spot it can be yours for the opening bid of $100.00 .

If no bids are placed on a given slot, I'll add in a character of my own design or simply erase the spot.

So how will this work?! Bid on the slot of your choice. You can bid on multiple slots. The TOTAL SUM of ALL bids will determine the Level the art will be finished to. The bidders will receive 300 dpi JPG file via email.

If the COMBINED Total of all bids is UNDER $245.00 It will be done as a Clean Sketch. ( Basically this is the total of all 7 slots at the starting price. ) ex:

If the COMBINED total of all bids equals $420.00 It will be Inked with some Greyscale shading. ex:

If the COMBINED total of all bids equals $560.00 It will be Inked with Flat Colors. ex:

If the COMBINED total of all bids equals or is over $700.00 It will be Inked with Cell Shaded Characters and a Cell Shaded Background. ex:



-Please do not bid if your account is blank or brand new.

-Please do not bid if you cannot pay. If you bid and do not pay, I will ban you from further auctions. Do not erase your bids. 2nd highest bidder will then receive the spot.

-Bid with $5 or more increments!

-Payment is required upfront, via PAYPAL. Must be made within 3 days after the auction ends. If winner fails to pay, the slot will go to the next highest bidder.

-Please reply to the last bidder! Let's try to keep it organized.

  • You may bid on multiple slots.

***** Anti Snipe Policy ! *****

If there's a bid placed within the last 30 minutes of the auction, then the final time for the auction will be extended another 30 min. Ex: If a bid is placed at at 8:30 pm and the auction is scheduled to end at 9pm, the auction time will be extended and the new End of Auction will be 9:30 pm. This will continue until the bidding has stopped.

The Auction will END on Thursday March 6th at 10 pm Eastern.

Submission Information

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