New Zahara Art Goal by Cybercat

New Zahara Art Goal


5 February 2020 at 18:42:49 MST

Are you tired of seeing me post adoptables? Frustrated with the YCH flooding your +watch feed? Do you wish I'd do more Original Art of characters like Albinus and Zahara? Maybe Fan Art of Krystal, Raphael or Renamon?

Donate to my 'Make More Art' Fund here on Ko-Fi! Using a crowd funding method will allow me to create more art that appeals to more than just one person ( Like commissions do) and will help me create a more cohesive portfolio of work. (Instead of the really random assortment of miscellaneous furries that it has been.)

Donate as much or as little as you like! The donation will immediately give you a copy of the current Sketch Idea with no water mark (150 dpi) and when the GOAL amount is met I'll complete the art and everyone who donated will get a 300 dpi copy of the full color sketch.

No one likes paywalls so the finished art will be posted on my galleries for all to see, but with watermarks and at 72 dpi.

Thanks so much for your support all these years. If just 50 of my 5,616 watchers on FA or 6,601 on Deviantart donated 1 coffee each a month, I could reach this goal!

If you can't donate that's okay!! Sharing my art from my posts on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook helps a whole lot. Thanks everyone! I look forward to making new art for you in 2020!!

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