Scrolls of Etheria - Chapter 1 by CyberaWolf

Scrolls of Etheria - Chapter 1


25 October 2018 at 12:26:56 MDT

Welcome to the first chapter of "Scrolls of Etheria". A new chapter every Tuesday!

It was the biggest MMORPG ever created, and took the world by storm. With billions of players from every corner of the planet, 'Scrolls of Etheria' allowed anybody to interact with one another within the gloriously realized online world.

But for Roka, a young healer, it was more than that. It was a gateway to make friends. Friends like Exra, the hyperactive rabbit rogue; Gunnar the loyal dwarf, Sycorax the maniacal warlock, and many more. Bound together by the oaths of their guild, they would face brutal trials, savage enemies, and more than a few bugs that the game's playtesters really should have caught before release...

Scrolls of Etheria is a comedy fantasy, part sit-com and part epic adventure, which explores the bonds of friendships in a digital age.