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Polar Wildcat TV Sign-On (Audio Only) by Cyan Glaciertooth (critique requested)

Polar Wildcat TV Sign-On (Audio Only)

Polar Wildcat TV Sign-On (Audio Only) (critique requested)

Cyan Glaciertooth

21 May 2014 at 21:16:21 MDT

Audio for Polar Wildcat TV's sign-on.

When I start streaming on FurStream, I'll have a "sign-on" before the presentation begins. Right now, I have only the audio for it. The full video for it will be ready once I have stuff for it together ("PaWS-TV" logo, FurStream info, etc). Now you get to hear how bad my voice sounds, LOL.

"Greetings and salutations! This is Polar Wildcat TV.

Polar Wildcat TV is an internet stream channel, owned and operated by Polar Wildcat Studios in Waltham, Massachusetts. Polar Wildcat Studios is an art services and entertainment company focusing primarily on anthropomorphic cartoon art. Polar Wildcat Studios can be contacted via Facebook at, Fur Affinity at, Weasyl at, or by email at

Programs and presentations featured on Polar Wildcat TV are streamed exclusively on FurStream at the webpage FurStream relies on donations too keep their site active. Donations can be sent via at, at account number P4526670, or at

On behalf of Polar Wildcat TV and Polar Wildcat Studios, this is Cyan Glaciertooth thanking you for tuning in, and we hope you enjoy our presentation."

Background music: "All Again" by Alexey Sonar

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