This Is AIR It's At! by Cyan Glaciertooth

This Is AIR It's At!

Cyan Glaciertooth

4 December 2019 at 13:09:02 MST

Just did this special gift for "CaptainFurry" on FurAffinity.

Earlier this year, he drew a surprise gift for me, a picture of Cyan hugging Loopy De Loop, one of my favorite Hanna Barbera characters. You can find his drawing here:

Anyway, I thought I'd give back to him with this pic I did of his character with Flashover and an inflated Emil. (Inflation is one of the things Capt. Furry specializes in.) In addition to Capt. Furry inflating Emil for his own amusement, Flashover's laughing hysterically at his airborne music partner. While he's full of helium, I bet Flashover wants to hear Emil sing in his now high-pitched voice! I'm sure Capt. Furry wants to hear an Alvin & The Chipmunks-style vocal from Emil too!

Art by me
Flashover & Emil (c) Me
Captain Furry (c) His player