Master Emerald Photo Op (& Knuckles) by Cyan Glaciertooth

Master Emerald Photo Op (& Knuckles)

Cyan Glaciertooth

18 October 2019 at 11:50:11 MDT

Celebrating the 25th year anniversary of the launch of the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive hit, "Sonic & Knuckles", here's my tribute to a childhood classic of mine.

(I did Sonic 3 fan art earlier this year, and published it to the public on February 2nd, the 25th anniversary of that game's launch. You can find that pic here:

Knuckles the Echidna lives on Angel Island, an island that floats in the sky. He's the guardian of the Master Emerald, a special, big emerald that gives the island the power to float. His job in guarding the Master Emerald must make him bored and lonely. Of course, he's gotta protect the Master Emerald from those willing to steal it, break it, carve their initials on it, etc. So, as a way to combat his boredom and loneliness, as well as make some money to pay some bills he needs to pay, Knuckles decided to turn the Master Emerald into a tourist attraction. That way, he can still make sure the emerald stays safe, and won't lose his sanity.

Upon our visit to Angel Island, Barrage wanted to see the Master Emerald and meet Knuckles, so we took him to the Master Emerald and I took this picture of him with the echidna himself in front of the almighty Master Emerald!

(Other characters came to Angel Island as well, but they were off in different zones. Emil and Flashover were goofing around in the Marble Garden Zone, playing on those giant yo-yo strings and flying top thingies, Ralph got stuck at "The Barrel" in the Carnival Night Zone, and threw up after spinning on that thing for too long, and Alanis went to examine the fungi in the Mushroom Hill Zone for research. Barrage wanted to check out the Sky Sanctuary, but Knuckles told him that that area's off-limits. However, Knuckles was open to learn some lacrosse with Barrage. As for me, I went to the Hydrocity Zone and rode on the water slides. I bet you thought I was interested in visiting the Ice Cap Zone, huh? Nah, playing around in the half cathedral-half water park was just insanely fun. I totally recommend it!)

Happy 25th anniversary, S&K! Thanks for being another happy thing from my childhood!

Art by me
Liam "The Barrage" Boxley (c) me
Knuckles The Echidna (c) Sega