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AHL MAX: Defunct Edition - Scratch & Pounce (Worcester Icecats) by Cyan Glaciertooth

AHL MAX: Defunct Edition - Scratch & Pounce (Worcester Icecats)

Cyan Glaciertooth

AHL MAX: Defunct Edition

Scratch & Pounce - Worcester Icecats

Here's the 4th of 5 (or more) pictures (plus Bingo's Max the Cougar) of the Defunct Edition of AHL MAX. I thought it'd be appropriate to post this on Scratch's 25th birthday. Plus, I can't have any DE pics in this series without the mascot that became the direct inspiration behind Cyan, that fueled my passion for drawing, that got me into the AHL, and of course, paved the way for AHL MAX to be created! It's amazing how discovering this feline character nearly two decades ago became a very influential character in the art that I draw! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME, SCRATCH!!! LOL.

Anyway, Scratch and Pounce were the mascots of the Worcester Icecats, based in Worcester, Massachusetts, a team that played in Worcester from 1994 to 2005. Scratch was introduced exactly 25 years ago today, on October 1, 1994, at the Icecats first home game at the Worcester Centrum Centre (now DCU Center). His younger brother, Pounce wasn't introduced until the team's 10th season in Worcester, 2003-2004.

I've always pretty much viewed Scratch as the Sonic the Hedgehog of Worcester, since he's blue, cool, an iconic character in Worcester, and a character I wanna relate to (hence why I have an icecat fursona myself). He's also a character who sort of reminds me of one of those 90's cartoon characters. Of course, the team got their branding concept in the 90's. Since I'm also a sucker for nostalgia (nostalgic aesthetics included), I put the two feline brothers in a 90's aesthetic environment, while sticking with the Icecats color scheme, as well as incorporating a few symbols that represent Worcester, like the Heart seal (Worcester's known as the "Heart Of The Commonwealth"), the iconic smiley face (designed in Worcester in 1963), a worm (Worcester's nickname is "Wormtown"), and the number 508 (Worcester's area code). Below them are the Seven Hills of Worcester. As for their names, I drew them in a 90's inspired font and added claw marks on the edges of the letters.

Here, I've also revealed a mystery about Pounce...what his ears look like! Pounce has never been seen without his hat, covering his ears and most of his hairstyle. He would be seen in either a hockey jersey, or a Hawaiian shirt. He could alternate clothes, but not take off his hat. Well, apologies to Pounce for revealing his ears if he doesn't want anyone to see them. But, in all honesty, he looks better without the hat. Don't you agree?

The Icecats left for Peoria, Illinois after the 2004-2005 season.
In 2006, the Worcester Sharks came to Worcester and played nine seasons there, 2006 to 2015. Worcester's now home to the Worcester Railers of the ECHL.

Happy Quarter of the Century to you, Scratch! Hope to see you at Trax's birthday in February! Hope your little brother's doing alright!

Art by me
Scratch and Pounce © City of Worcester, Massachusetts

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