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AHL MAX Defunct Edition: Al - Syracuse Crunch by Cyan Glaciertooth

AHL MAX Defunct Edition: Al - Syracuse Crunch

Cyan Glaciertooth

AHL MAX Defunct Edition: Al - Syracuse Crunch

Number 3 of 5 (or more) of the AHL MAX Defunction Edition, Al the Ice Gorilla, representing the Syracuse Crunch

Bending the rules a bit here, while the Crunch are not a defunct team, Al the Ice Gorilla, as far as I know, has been retired. So he qualifies for the Defunct Edition of this art series.

Anyway, Al was introduced as the Crunch's mascot in 2000, leaving Crunchman on a hiatus. Al was designed by artist, Joe Orsak. Al was the team's mascot from 2000, up until 2012. After retiring in 2012, Crunchman was back on mascot duties.

Now, as for the pic, Al's on a cereal box. The cereal he has has a.....CRUNCH! (You gotta admit, with a nickname like "Crunch", you probably think of cereal, don't you?) The purple background and his name are in the Crunch's color scheme from the 90's, while Al's in his hockey outfit from when the team was a Bluejackets affiliate. (They were a Ducks affiliate at one point as well.) "Calder Oats" is a spoof on Quaker Oats, but AHL-related. The cereal is shaped like hockey sticks and pucks. Fitting since this is hockey-related, of course.

Art by me
Al (c) Syracuse Crunch

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