Pie Lacrosse With Tilt Longtail by Cyan Glaciertooth

Pie Lacrosse With Tilt Longtail

Cyan Glaciertooth

18 April 2019 at 09:03:57 MDT

I spent a day at Pine Fur Con, two weeks ago. One of the attendees there was Tilt Longtail, who came all the way from Florida to Maine for this little gem of a fur con.

Over there, I gave him some gift art I made for him. He says he really loved it, too! Tilt, himself is already known for slapstick, (Check out his videos on YouTube) especially involving pies! Combining lacrosse with that, and we just made a messier, yet funnier, version of the sport, PIE LACROSSE! We should form a league and have Tilt play in it. He'd be an all-star!

Art by me
Tilt Longtail © His player