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AHL MAX Series: Belly - Belleville Senators by Cyan Glaciertooth

AHL MAX Series: Belly - Belleville Senators

Cyan Glaciertooth

Presenting the latest edition to the AHL MAX series, the Belleville Senators' new mascot, "Belly"! Belly was introduced to the public at last night's Bel-Sens game. After he was revealed, I went to work on this drawing for the AHL MAX gallery! Drawn in over 5 hours, finishing at roughly 2:30 AM, you can tell how motivated I was to complete this as soon as I could!

About the picture, Belly is on a small sailing yacht in the Bay of Quinte, in front of the Belleville skyline. (See City Hall (the clock tower) in the right of the picture?) It was inspired by the Belleville's city seal, a picture of the city skyline with a sailboat in the front. The Bel-Sens use a similar seal as their secondary logo. The sail has striping similar to the Belleville Senators' white jerseys (only curved a bit). The sail was meant to be white with red and black stripes so it could stand out from the black jersey Belly's wearing. Belly's name is in the font of the Senators' letter logo. As for Belly, he's a happy red-furred creature doing a fist pump.

I'm glad I got to complete this. Now, to update the collage!

Welcome to the AHL, Belly!

Art by me
Belly (c) Belleville Senators