AHL MAX: Defunct Edition - Patreon Message by Cyan Glaciertooth

AHL MAX: Defunct Edition - Patreon Message

Cyan Glaciertooth

18 February 2019 at 11:40:22 MST

AHL MAX is a series of pictures of all the mascots from all the teams in the American Hockey League drawn by yours truly...Well, all the current teams, anyway. However, mascots no longer in use can be added as well!

AHL MAX now has a "Defunct Edition" in the works! The AHL MAX Defunct Edition will include art of mascots of teams no longer playing in the AHL, drawn in the same way as the league's current mascots.

The number of pics will depend on the amount of money funded through the PaWS Patreon page. Five (5) pictures will be drawn for the gallery, regardless of the amount of money pledged. But for every $10 funded before June 30th, an additional pic will be added to the Defunct Edition. The one who funds the most money before the June 30th deadline will have the choice of which defunct mascot they want in the gallery. If $100 or more are pledged before June 30th, the top three Patrons will have their choice on which defunct mascots they want to see in the gallery.

In addition to the increased number of pics drawn, there are special rewards for those who pledge towards the PaWS Patreon!

$1.00 or more will get you:

-A chance to win in the seasonal raffle (Must become a PaWS Posse Patron before June 30th, 2019 to be eligible.)

-A special print signed by me and mailed to you.

-A special surprise gift from yours truly, if pledged before June 30th, 2019!

-Name on the list of PaWS Posse members - These will be featured on lists of select Polar Wildcat Studios pages (Facebook, DeviantArt, etc...) Patrons have the option to use their Patreon name, a desired alias (pending approval by me), their real name, or be anonymous.

$5.00 or more will get you:

-25% off any commission! (Must have proof of being a PaWS Cool Cat to have this discount to work, if commissioning me outside of Patreon.)

-Access to WIP's (Works In Progress) - See the statuses of any pics I will be working on before they're completed.

-Access to finished works before they get presented publicly online

-Access to the PaWS "Secret Schedule" where Patrons at this tier or higher can get a glimpse of future art projects

$10.00 or more will get you:

-All the $5.00 or more rewards

-50% of any commission (Must have proof of PaWS "All-Star" status in order for discount to work, if commissioning me outside of Patreon.)

-Access to special, EXCLUSIVE live streams, only for PaWS All-Stars (Unlike standard public live streams presented by PaWS, these are PREMIUM streams that only PaWS All-Stars will be able to access!)

You can become a PaWS Patron at www.patreon.com/polarwildcatst…