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Anthro New England Conbook Submission #4 by Cyan Glaciertooth

Anthro New England Conbook Submission #4

Cyan Glaciertooth

This is my last conbook submission for the Anthro New England 2016 conbook. The theme for ANE 2016 is "Sportsball", a sports theme.

(I'm uncertain if I submitted this before the deadline or not. I wanted to finish this sooner, but unexpected shenanigans kept me from completing this earlier than I wanted.)

Cyan is reporting at the con, and behind him are mascots of various New England-based sports teams, as well as my own characters. Here, we have:

Pat the Patriot (New England Patriots) at an art table showing a pic he drew of Lucky the Leprechaun as a pony
Lucky the Leprechaun (Boston Celtics) excited to see his commission finished
Jake the Lion (Worcester Bravehearts of the FCBL) DJing
Crusher the Lobster (Maine Red Claws of the NBA-DL) dancing the Robot
Wally the Green Monster (Boston Red Sox) fist-pumping
Liam "Barrage" Boxley (my own personal character) jumping around happily
Blades the Bear (Boston Bruins) chuckling while about to shoot pies at Ralph with his hockey stick
Ralph Felino (another personal character of mine) nervous because he's about to get pied
Slyde the Fox (New England Revolution of the MLS) cosplaying as Fox Mccloud from Starfox
Screech the Falcon (Springfield Falcons of the AHL) cosplaying as Falcons Lombardi from Starfox
Alanis Mastermind (another of my personal characters) taking a selfie with Slyde and Screech

The ANE logo on the microphone and on the lower right corner is a spoof on the NESN (New England Sports Network) logo.

Art by me
Wally the Green Monster © Boston Red Sox
Blades the Bear © Boston Bruins
Lucky the Leprechaun © Boston Celtics
Pat the Patriot © New England Patriots
Slyde the Fox © New England Revolution
Screech the Falcon © Springfield Falcons
Crusher the Lobster © Maine Red Claws
Jake the Lion © Worcester Bravehearts
Cyan Glaciertooth, Ralph Felino, Alanis Mastermind, Liam "Barrage" Boxley © me