Blazing fire of Heart - cover by CuteFlareon

Blazing fire of Heart - cover


8 November 2014 at 08:20:16 MST

This was done as +1500watchers celebrating picture on DeviantArt but I don't really see reason why not to post it here sooo...
Here is a preview (if this can be called as one) of my current comic project I am working on traditionally~
The comic is based on storyboard I made for my Pokesona Flare but instead of using Flare and my other friends' pokesonas, I wanted to make everything as original as possible AKA making all the characters by myself ^^

The storyboard, even though it is mainly based on Good Powers of Flare's Heart, is not exactly the same as in GPoFH; some stuff have been changed and storyboard has been fixed bit by bit to suit on cat world rather than Pokémon world~

Also the fact I have worked around this story for about over five years and I'd really like it to become real one day!

If someone wonders, how far I have got with that comic already, I have sketched out 10 pages of the prologue~ :3
I am not honestly sure how long the comic will be but it won't really be squished in 10 Chapters I can tell you that!
So it is a really big and important project for me and I hope one day just to go and publish it even public and try to make it bestseller or something :'3
But about publishing it here, I am not sure yet since if I wanted to do so, I'd like the pages to be scanned and all so we shall see later really~

I hope you like it!^^


This picture is personal art work, so anything art-criminal stuff such as over colouring, tracing, copying ect. will be punished in a way or another.

Art & Characters © me (CuteFlareon)

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