Silver walking through the Night by CuteFlareon

Silver walking through the Night


28 September 2014 at 12:05:31 MDT <-- There is the more "cleaner" DeviantArt version, if that other version looks alike it is showing literally ALL that it is not supposed to xD

Thought to submit here one animation of mine, or more specifically said, submit a finished YCH (Your Character Here) animation auction that was up on my DeviantArt on here~

I was happy of the outcome of this, first starting off as a random animation which I wanted to finish later on~

I hope you like it!:3


Only Squirrelflight1235 is allowed to use this. Others have no right to use this anywhere or they/he/she will get punished. Also Tracing, Over-colouring, Copying, Claiming as own ect.ect. will lead you in trouble if you do so!

Art © me (CuteFlareon)
Silver © Squirrelflight1235

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