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Saved by a Stranger - cover + Prologue by CuteFlareon

Saved by a Stranger - cover + Prologue



"...But...You told me that I ended up from bar to here...?"
"Yes you did. I asked you to come and have a night with me. Is your memory seriously that damaged?"

I could feel his breathing against my muzzle.
I had no memory from last night and yet again I felt surprisingly calm during the situation.
I had been born like this. It seemed alike I had been cursed to lose my memory right the next morning after something had happened. This tom with sea blue eyes looked me up and down.
How had I ended up here? I had no memory from yesterday apart from that this shadowy figure approached me and asked something... Something I cannot remember.
"The other toms use you for good and I am surprised that you haven't got used any worse than you already have"
"...used?" I repeated the word.
That didn't ring any bells but then again I understood the meaning of the word. My memory may be damaged but I wasn't a psychopath.

"Alright... Lets start all over again, shall we?" The tom asked his brilliant blue eyes closing as he shook his head in... Was he despressed?
"My name is Smoky" he said and I now could finally recognize shades of gray on his pelt.
Was he tabby? Or dappled? The shadows blocked my view.
"And I asked yesterday you to stay a night with me -because I want to save you from this living hell"
"Living hell...?"
I couldn't help but tilt my head briefly by wonder. What did he mean with that?
"Yes", he said with a nod. "What was your name?" I felt something to move inside of me when I replied with the same neutral...maybe a bit menthally sick neutral tone: "My name is Flake"

"Alright. At least you remember your name." Smoky said and for a moment turned away from me. "That is at least good that you do remember the name of yours..." he said and returned his gaze towards me. "But why would you like to save me?" I asked.
The living hell didn't really make any sense to me on any level and this situation was confusing enough for me to understand anything properly.
"Because you're in great danger", the tom said with some panic in his tone. Or at least it sounded alike panic. "Every tom around here knows about your problem and they find you as... Easy victim." Smoky let out quite heavy sigh for my taste and continued: "I want to protect you Flake and I want to recover your memory."
The word wasn't so fimilar for me.
"...So you would like to protect me?" I asked after a quite long silence.

I felt for a moment when my mind got stunned almost washing all the reasons for me to say "no" for his offer. But something also told me to say "yes"... Because in a strange way it sounded safe.
"...Alright then." I said at last. "You're allowed to protect me...Smoky was the name, right?"

I apologize for any grammar mistakes in that thing!
I am not born with English, my mother tongue is Finnish and English is my second language. So it will most likely explain the mistakes in the text if any mistakes caught your eye.

Since I got quite living imagination, I thought to give it a shot and try to type out a story, which I got inspirited by Finnish song called Dementia by Sanni
I thought to challenge myself and try to type up a story from a character's point of view that barely has memory from last night.
This prologue was made like... Maybe three weeks back in one weekend when I began to sketch out this story for real xD
I already have Chapters 1 and 2 but I won't submit them yet.
I shall see when I do

But enjoy this piece and I hope you like the prologue ^^
Art & Story © me (CuteFlareon)

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