I wished I could feel you by CuteFlareon

I wished I could feel you


2 May 2014 at 10:49:09 MDT

I was meant to submit this yesterday but Weasyl derped on me...Oh well
Anywayz, I got around it now :3

This is a drawing of my all-time-favourite-roleplay-pairing, FallpetalXNightbreeze <3
I have been in love with these two for so long and yesterday I couldn't handle it but draw these two again x3
Also I haven't drawn much on MS Paint 7 lately, so I thought why not~

I hope you like it ^^
Art & Fallpetal (white-and-tortoiseshell she-cat) © CuteFlareon
Nightbreeze (warm gray tom) © XxAyakoxX (from DeviantArt)