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Polymer Clay Blue Poison Dart Frog by CustomExotics (critique requested)

Polymer Clay Blue Poison Dart Frog (critique requested)


This little one was the second frog I made, first one being over two years ago. The improvement is amazing knowing I never practiced in between the old and new one. They are a small figurine instead of my usually pendant work as I felt at the end he was a little to awkward to try and make into a pendant.

Nothing on my pieces is painted, everything is made out of colored polymer clay! Every piece starts off as a super sculpey base to give it extra strength and color is added on top with colored polymer clays.

He is for sale!


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    haha this is pretty nice. i like its stand as well

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      Thank you :D! I was unsure what to do for the base at first but I think the mossy works well :D