The Shipwright Cyborg Dragon (Adalore) by Curus Keel

The Shipwright Cyborg Dragon (Adalore)

Curus Keel

7 February 2019 at 16:09:29 MST

Somewhere, an interdimensional space dragon underwent the process of conversion into an enhanced cyborg, able to command many, many drones to his commands and enhance his shipbuilding profession. Maybe we'll see more from that reality in the future.

For a long time I've been highly interested in adalore's Vulcan Automata universe and the interesting robotic designs & story that have been made as a part of it. Getting Curus intergrated into the world had been a long time coming, and back in the June of 2018, seeing this come to reality was like nothing else. As of this upload, I've been using it as the wallpaper for my Linux desktop since I've set it up and plan to keep it that way for a while. Still love the little plasticky touches that have been made to my draconic character.

And yeah, I do really want to see more of the cyborg darper.

Art is by Adalore. Original submission is uploaded here, including an original story by the artist.

As always, Curus is part of the aerusandragons.

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