Commission Sheet by Cursico

Commission Sheet


3 September 2016 at 14:31:56 MDT

Felt after nearly three years I should get an updated commission sheet to show my improvements.

Prices have also been adjusted slightly- as I can produce works quicker than before now as well.

Commissions are currently OPEN

For any general enquiries please ask below, but for serious requests take to private messaging, please.

A few notes on commissioning myself:

For any coloured piece I will provide the rough sketch for approval. And for fully detailed pieces I can include updates by request.

Most pieces should be completed within 24 hours with the exception of fully detailed ones, comic projects or pieces with lots of additional characters.

While I prefer to post my works, if you do not wish a piece to be made public you can request it to not be published.

Completed picture will only be shown after full payment has been received.

The "Happy to draw" list is not exhaustive, so if you're wondering whether I will draw something- so long as it's not on the won't draw list- then please don't hesitate to chat to me about it.

Submission Information

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