VIDEO: Sonic Memes | Culturally F'd 57 & Knuckles by CulturallyFd

VIDEO: Sonic Memes | Culturally F'd 57 & Knuckles


14 December 2017 at 09:18:44 MST

Sonic or Sanic? Arrkay talks about the hedghog that has inspired Meme after Meme all over the internet for almost 30 years! Sonics constant pop-culture presence makes his franchise chronically memeable and we explore its history and influence.

This music in this episode was generously provided by insaneintherainmusic - Carlos Eiene
You can listen to the original here

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Music Clips:
Green Trill Zone - Sonic Remix by Cyranek
Knuckles sings by Gregzilla
Knuckles from K​.​N​.​U​.​C​.​K​.​L​.​E​.​S. & Knuckles [Full Version & Knuckles]