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VIDEO: Summoning Furries in Magic The Gathering | Episode 56 by CulturallyFd

VIDEO: Summoning Furries in Magic The Gathering | Episode 56


Hey there Planeswalker, join Arrkay in his exploration of the anthros of Magic The Gathering in this weeks special episode written by Tempe O'Kun. We look at the extensive cat-people, the best-birbs Aven, the lizardly Viashino and the miscellaneous handful of other magical mythical creatures that grace the planes of our worlds most popular collectible card game.

The thumbnail artwork was painted by Underbite Dragon
The opening title was composed by Khord Kitty
Music is "Spirit of the Snow" by Foxamoore
and "Life" by Mitchell Miller

Check out Tempe O'Kun's books "Sixes Wild" and "Windfall" here:

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