Partners by cuerva



26 April 2014 at 17:13:09 MDT

omg... oh god.... these two...

I don't even know where to start to explain. Erjon and Damir are like impossibly well balanced. They work so, so well together I still can't believe it. They aren't exactly opossites but it could be said it's something like that. While Damir is a magic wielder, with his head always on his shoulders and a composed and cool personality, Erjon on the other side is a astonishingly skilled fighter with a somewhat childish personality and a carefree, laid-back demeanor.

No really, I just... can't... You seriously have no idea of how much I love them.

Damir (green hair) by Archidaequiem
Erjon (blonde) by me


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    Crow, I know how much you love them because I love them that way too, they are so impossible to explain. It's just impossible, I don't understand at all. T_T;

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      I don't even know how in the world they happened. Their interaction level is just impossible. Oh god I love them ;-;