Wolferess Lich mask with DVC skull by crystumes

Wolferess Lich mask with DVC skull


8 February 2014 at 19:45:56 MST

http://youtu.be/9vdRuEHdyHk <-- very short movement video

This head belongs to wolferess on FA :)

First off! This GORGEOUS skull resin blank was made by dreamvisioncreations It's SO incredible I highly suggest getting one and making something with it!

The pawpads and claws I am using for the rest of the partial was also made by dreamvisioncreations. I really wanted to work with their things for this particular costume :)

So much stuff about this! so here are the specs!

☠ DVC resin skull base bone colored, ( lightly stained by myself!)
☠ 1 1/4" acrylic eyes. shaped forward with apoxie sculpt!
☠ Black painted buckram in eyes! vision all around acrylic eyes. but mostly below the eyes
☠ 8 part patterned hood! three different red furs used in just this head!
☠ All Luxury Shag "DF style" furs for consistency! (the red cheek fluffs are deep red mongolian though!)
☠ Long luxurious black wig hair!
☠ collar bone sort of cut into the chest fur! ^_^
☠ brown zipper in back of head :) underneath hair!
☠ Ears are sewn into the head.
☠ All hand sewn as always! :)

I flippin' love how this turned out <3

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