OLD ART: Hambuger! by CrystalOokamiWolf

OLD ART: Hambuger!


21 April 2013 at 17:13:15 MDT

So.. Drew this back in February when boyfriend was here visiting~ This was meamt to be finished in Digital. But I never got around to work on it. Nor wanting to finish it XP So decided to upload it now. ^^;

Anywho. While Sam was here in SC for 2 weeks. We decided to play some games on his laptop. We were playing the game called Streets of Rage. I forgot what dude Sam went with. But I chose the Kangaroo to play has XD And let me tell ya that Kangaroo kicked butt. lol

So as we played we got to a Helicopter fighting scene. Where the doors would suddenly fly open and whoever is standing there flys out. We had to laugh our butts off when these big fatties get blown out. lol Well I was getting low on health and even though we had unlimited lives it's best to heal up. Well this game will throw out random food for you to pick up and eat to regain health.

Low on health there was Hambuger that suddenly appeared or dropped. And Sam told me to snatch it before it gets blown out the door... Well.... As you see above. I went after it. XD Litterly out the helicopter and all. I busted out laughing as I yelled, "NUU HAMBURGER!!"

And thus this picture comes to mind <3

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