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Tret Reference [By Inkfall]


25 May 2015 at 02:24:39 MDT

Tret, a custom Tequine (Tiger/Equine) hybrid, by Inkfall Inkfall. This is a species of her design.

We both had a lot of fun discussing the details of this one.

Her name is Tret.

Her people are the Shaego, the name for a group of sabretooth tribes. Her offical patronymic is Tret Baw-Ceycha, or "Son of Ceych." It's as close to a bit of subtlety as the Shaego language gets. Her people are fixed in their gender roles, so referring to her as a 'son' means she fills a position normally held by men in her tribe. But the feminine ending implies her gender despite the title. She became the master scout of her tribe after her father had four girls in a row and decided 'screw it.'

Styracosauruses are a symbol of independence since they are stubborn and untameable unlike the other sauroids that the Shaego ride. Imagery of the beasts features heavily in tribal art. Tret carries the same shield banner into battle as her father's. She worries about matters of intermarriage and breeding because she vastly prefers females. This is a secret kept for the time being. She crafts her own handaxes and is an expert at throwing them from lizardback. She carries several of them at a time.

All art is by Inkfall Inkfall, who is outstanding at what she does.

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