[Mild Gore] Inktober Day 8: Dullahan by CryptidTiger

[Mild Gore] Inktober Day 8: Dullahan


8 October 2018 at 19:50:12 MDT

Skipped day 7 as it didn't turn out well. Here's day 8!

I actually drew my friend RinnaiRaiArt's species; Dullahare! It's part of their upcoming comic, Fomorian Saga! Please check both them and their comic out!!

Materials used: Faber-Castell art pens

Art by me, species by Rinnai-Rai / Fomorian Saga. Only they or myself have the right to use/republish. Do not copy/trace/steal/heavily reference my work. Do not republish or use this work in any way, or claim it as your own. Do not tamper with my work or credit in any way.