Flexed Too Hard by CryptidTiger

Flexed Too Hard


29 September 2018 at 21:27:31 MDT

Gift for my best friend Les8ean on tumblr, of their amazing OC Llelewyn!

I've been wanting to draw more buff girls since Bowsette blew up the internet, and I hadn't drawn any of my best friend's human OCs yet (which is honestly a crime, they're all very good), so I had to draw her <3

I'm astounded with how she turned out, she's so pretty aaaaaahh!!

Art by me, character belongs to Les8ean. Only they or myself have the right to use/republish. Do not copy/trace/steal/heavily reference my work. Do not republish or use this work or the character in any way, or claim either as your own. Do not tamper with my work or credit in any way.