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18 December 2018 at 08:26:50 MST

Alright everyone, time to sitdown because today I'm going to give you a crash course in my OC stories! I'll keep things brief because I've got three of these, well sort of. You'll understand why I say that in a minute. Anywho!

Nonkina Ace: Clown Fighter!!

Originally a story within an older failed story, Nonkina Ace is my new, indefinite main story.

In a world where Clowns and Humans live together in peace and harmony, Nonkina Ace tells the tale of Ace "Nonkina (Japanese for easy-going)" Koibito, a high school student who's become lost in his life.

With only a year and a half before graduation, Ace has grown uncertain about his future and what he wants to do with his life after school. But things change when he watches a boxing match on TV. Something about the brawling spoke out to him, awaking his new destiny in life:

To become the strongest Clown in the world!

What follows is a whirlwind adventure chock full of classic Shounen manga and anime tropes, wild characters, over the top fighting and strong friendships!

Basically it's going to be a big homage to Shounen stories, my favorite kind manga and anime. Y'know, stuff like Fist of the North Star, Sakigake!! Otokojuku and Kinnikuman to name a few! So expect a lot of buff people, cool moves and plenty of laughs to go around!

Now I have to say right now that I'm not actually putting everything to paper at the moment. Nonkina Ace is a bit of a on-going developmental project. I have written 2 chapters, both of which I'll upload to here at some point, but for now and the foreseeable future, it's all just development. Which leads me tooooooooooooo:

Mall Masters

Unlike Ace, MM isn't going to be a story. It's more of a pitch for a fighting game idea I have should the day come that I can make a fighting game! Or maybe a comic! Who knows what it'll be!

The plot of Mall Masters is as follows:

Taking place in the late 90's, Mall Masters follows Bronx born street fighter, Mikey Stone, as Mikey is plucked from his New York environment when his folks announce to him that they're moving to a fictional coastal town in Florida outside of Orlando, Northside Cove.

Annoyed by the move at first, Mikey eventually finds himself in a new adventure, going up against other teenaged fighters at the local mall to rescue the girl of his dreams.

If Nonkina Ace is a Shounen send up, then Mall Masters is my answer to a 90's era 3D Capcom fighting game like Rival Schools.

As mentioned earlier Mall Masters is going to stay a concept until I can figure out what I really wanna do with it further down the line. For now, I'm just designing characters with friends for fun!

But I know what you might be saying: I have all these OCs and I'm barely doing anything with them? Really?

Admittedly...Yes. It's hard to make content at a consistent pace when you're still in College and have to dedicate time to studies. But fear not, as I've devised something that'll really let me and my OCs stretch our chops, and that thing is:

Iron Champions

Beyond the realms of existence, past the plane of mortal life lies another world.

A world where life has seeming come to a stand still. An empty space where only violent combat is the only law. A world that has become a mad god’s playground with which he pits two forces against one another for pure entertainment.

This is the realm of the Combat God...This is Iron Champions…

Or in less dramatic speak, this is going be a character showcase of sorts! A series of non-canonical fights between OCs from Ace and Masters, done in a very Chinese manhua based off fighting games where fights just sorta happen!

I've already got one cookin' in the oven and a bunch more planned for down the line!

So yeah! That's basically the kind of stuff you can expect from me! I hope you all enjoy it and anything that should come out of this!


Also, do you like the look of these logos? Are you working on a project that needs a logo, say a Youtube Channel, Twitch stream or webcomic? Then commission me! Shoot me a DM for info!

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