Bronx Brawler - Mikey Stone by CrowMin

Bronx Brawler - Mikey Stone


17 December 2018 at 21:44:46 MST

Attention Mall-goers, attention! HERE COMES A NEW SHOPPER: Michael ‘Mikey’ Stone! The protagonist of Mall Masters!

Name: Michael 'Mikey' Stone
Age: 16/17
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: High Schooler
Nationality: Italian American
Home City: South Bronx, New York
Likes: Fighting, video games, Baseball, the New York Nondescripts (In-Universe Mets expy)
Dislikes: New Jersey, Upstate New York,
Favorite Food: Bronx Bomber Pizza (Pizza topped with green and red peppers, red onions and a dash of hot sauce and BBQ Chicken)
Personality: Cocky but kind, will stand up for the little guy
Fighting Style: Street fighting with some MMA grapples
Special Abilities: Energy Manipulation (think stuff like Street Fighter, Rival Schools, KOF, etc.)

To grow up in the rough and tumble Bronx of the late 90's, you need to be tough, you need to be strong, and most importantly, you need to know how to throw a good punch!

Luckily, Michael 'Mikey' Stone is as tough as they come! Born from a bloodline of excellent combat sport fighters, Mikey's skills as a street brawler is second to none. With moves such as his Knuckleball Frenzy and his partner and friend Alex Mishimia, Mikey is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with!

Unfortunately it seems like that force has been stopped as this Bronx Bomber is taken out of his element with a surprise move to the coastal town of Northside Cove, Florida. But luckily for Mikey, it turns out that this quiet hamlet on the outskirts of Orlando is home to a fair number of street brawlers, and if he's lucky, Mikey might just get swept into a whirlwind adventure in his new home!


Got questions for this street scrapper? Wanna know about his opinions about pineapple pizza and the myth about Chicago deep dish? Feel free to leave a question in the comments OR send an ask to my CuriousCat!