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Creator of the Nonkinaverse: Kidd Clown


17 December 2018 at 21:29:05 MST

Alright. I guess I'm gonna upload stuff here. Let's do this.

Name: Casey Robinson
Nickname: Kidd Clown
Age: 20
DOB: April 1st
Gender: Male
Height: 7'1"
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Former Circus performer, Comic Artist and Writer, creator of Nonkina Ace
Nationality: American
Home City: Densetsu Valley, New York
Likes: Shounen Anime/Manga from the 80's/90's/Early 2000's, Fighting Games, Cool designs, Muscular characters, ranting about modern anime/manga, his girlfriend Dot
Dislikes: Deviantart, Moe anime/manga, Modern Sports anime, people who think Fist of the North Star is just about dudes hitting each other
Favorite Food: Pepperoni and Italian Sausage Pizza
Personality: Calm, collected, cool and calculating, always thinking, has moments of bursting energy and sarcasm
Powers/Abilities: Inflatable/Can stretch his body (but he is not malleable nor flattenable, Cartoon physics fetishists do not interact)

A left-over from New York Densetsu, Casey (but everyone just calls him by his stage name) was going to be protagonist Tabayo's side-kick and best friend.

Kidd's a Clown who loves retro anime and manga as much as he loves Clowning and his ability to stretch and inflate (BUT NOT FLATTEN OR TRANSFORM YA FREAKS).

His life forever changed when he found Fist of the North Star on VHS back in the day on a trip to Toy's R Us for his 10th birthday. This strange, new and ultra violent cartoon from a land faraway debatably shaped his taste in media forever. Fist of the North Star was like a religion to him, and Kenshiro was his Jesus (even tho Toki looks more like the Big Man himself.

And as he grew older, and with the rise of anime/manga upload sites and fansubs, his taste for Shounen action grew and grew.

But as time passed, Shounen seemed harder to come by, or at least Shounen that met his tastes.

So what's a Clown like him to do? He began working on his own Shounen story about a Clown who wanted to become the strongest fighter in the world!

And after years of re-writes and honing his art skills to rival that of his idol, Tetsuo Hara (Fist of the North Star's artist), Kidd finally released it in a local comix anthology under his pseudonym 'C-Kun' : The first chapter of his magnum opus.

Nonkina Ace was finally released unto the world...

Now why am I still holding onto this tangential character who's story got the axe? Why hold onto such a nobody that isn't even in the story that I'm writing?

Because I want to. My characters, my stories, my rules BITCH. I've ditched NYD but I'm keeping the 'story within a story' framing device. Not to mention this green haired punk means a lot to me, and I can't just do him dirty like the rest.


Got questions about this goober? Wanna know about his opinions on current anime and manga? Feel free to leave a question in the comments OR send an ask to my CuriousCat!

And yes, I'll even answer questions relating to Body Inflation, but please, nothing super sexual or creepy.

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