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Wings by Crossed-Unversed (critique requested)


The moment I was born I stretched my wings so wide that someone saw, and that someone allowed their chains to encircle these wings so that I could not remember the joyous freedom of flying so high I couldn't see the people shouting at me to come down.

I lived eternities with a longing in my heart I did not quite know, and even less did I understand it because-- as far as I was concerned-- I had no wings; every second of soft existence had been spent on the ground with the weight of cement wrapped around my legs so crushingly heavy I could barely move... much less fly.

I knew not of Icarus.
I knew not of graceful loops and predators' dives
I knew not of currents of air and wingbeats that gave command of the skies to those who could tame them
I knew not that this was MY territory
that the birds and insects
air planes and dandelion tufts
were encroaching on the domain I was denied from the first second I opened my eyes.

When first I discovered the delicate chains surrounding my form I felt no fear
I felt no need to remove them.
So light, so gently binding, so deceptively kind to eight year old eyes.
But webs so thin and intricately woven may ensnare even the most seasoned of explorers and deceit for me was still a territory I had yet to stumble into.

I knew not of Icarus.
I knew not of freedom limited only by one's own strength of mind
I knew not the glory of falling free into deep chasms of wild and twilight melody
I knew not the power denied the moment I hatched because this world tames whatever it touches
and what will not submit must be broken.

Bonds grow thicker over time.

The first odd chips fell from my concrete boots like secret murmurings fall from unseen lips when words such as freedom and independence and living gain meaning to those who do not yet know something is wrong.
My chains had grown heavy and smothering and some days it felt like to move out of bed was to lift an entire mountain
and pills and blades and dreams I didn't even realize had shattered littered the pathways of my room the same way unrest clogged the pathways of my heart
and they cut just as deeply.

I knew not of Icarus.
I knew not of safety and serenity found in misty clouds and moonlight.
I knew not of brushing treetops with my toes and tasting sweet fruit from branches so high even the gods had not touched them.
I knew not that no chains may bind a dragon unless they allow it to be so.

The fires of hearts reborn blaze with more heat than any sun, any star so brilliant in its display and so resolute in its fate that it may find peace in ignorance of the existence of those whose lives are blessed by its rays.

I knew not of Icarus.
My glory when once more I could launch skyward, feel the rush of cool air against tortured flesh, was that I was free to learn the rhythm of the sky's heartbeat all over again,
relive memories I forgot until I was breathing with them as one,
sing songs in the tongue of every air current whose whispers I couldn't feel anchored to the ground.

And when I flew too high, ablaze in light and eternities of lives crashing into one amalgamation of triumph,
I fell without struggle.

I see why Icarus so willingly threw himself skyward, soaring until outstretched fingertips blistered with proximity to the sun they so desperately sought to touch and wax like molten steel traced searing patterns down his back, burning jubilation into his soul.

My bonds lie broken.

My wings, and my chains with them, shall burn in peace.

Wings (critique requested)


Old poetry needing to be uploaded to make way for the new.

... this was never meant t be posted because of how I formatted it, but hey.
It was meant to be practiced rather than posted online, cause I want to record my saying it to give more emotion to the words, but... here goes.

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