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Kyllikki the Huntress by CrookedWolf

Kyllikki the Huntress


7 January 2017 at 19:04:29 MST

One of the main characters for my little fantasy comic Eternalfold. Kyllikki is an experienced demon hunter like Oskari and Goran. When she was only 8 her village became the target of a cultist uprising and most of the village was killed in the resulting violence, reducing her family to just Kyllikki and her father. During that uprising she also received the scars around her right eye when a demon attempted to possess her. Although the injuries blinded her eye to this world they opened it to the spirit realm and she can now see through any disguise a demon or spirit might create. This special vision also allows Kyllikki to decipher a demon's intent, most of the time. The bow beside her is a family weapon and has been passed down through the generations for hundreds of years. It's carved from the wingbone of a dragon which gives it ridiculous strength and flexibility for the light weight. Kyllikki is one of the few who knows the secrets to keeping dragon bones flexible enough for use in bows. The curious properties of dragon bone gives the bow an unnatural amount of force behind the projectile despite a manageable draw weight. In the hands of a trained archer like Kyllikki this bow commonly sends its arrows through multiple targets and any buildings behind them!

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