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Goran the Stubborn by CrookedWolf

Goran the Stubborn


7 January 2017 at 18:42:59 MST

The icy wind made little impression on Goran's battle-hardened surface as he peered into the oncoming storm. Comfort is a relative thing, and after a life of hunting some of the most foul the supernatural has to offer a bit of cold air is nothing. Watching the darkness approach filled him with a sense of purpose. His guild has been destroyed, his family hasn't seen him in decades, he has no mate, but he has resilience. Goran does not fight for something or someone he fights against hardship just because it is there and so is he. It is the nature of the warrior.
What a wonderful bit of serendipity that Kyllikki and Oskari had approached him about finding his guild's last battlefield. The spirit of war residing in his mind had so far been successful in keeping that memory suppressed but his old friend Oskari was able to dredge it up. Now every time Goran thought about the lair of his guild's last battle the demonic stowaway in his head burned with an unusual anger. At last! Something that truly bothers the demon in him! Goran almost looked forward to helping the little wolf archer and Oskari just to torture the spirit. It doesn't want Goran to return to that place so that is exactly what he will set out to do.

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