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Oskari by CrookedWolf



6 January 2017 at 01:49:58 MST

Oskari is one of the heroes for a world I've been slowly forming in my head, called Eternalfold for now. If he was fighting he would be wearing more armor than just a loincloth but he's just practicing here and I wanted to show some of his markings. An expert at javelin throwing, nimble sprinting, and fighting with a spear he has an amazing talent for precision regardless of the terrain or circumstances. He's often sent to work deep in enemy territory either alone or with a small team to map out the dangers and he has developed quite the reputation for avoiding detection and surviving against seemingly impossible odds. Nearing the twilight of his prime, he's a veteran of many dangerous scouting missions but still has a lot of youthful vigor. Oskari has a very introverted and gruff demeanor which can make him difficult to interact with but he can be quite friendly and loyal to the death for those he trusts. After fighting demons for many years their corruption is showing in his asymetrical curling horns and Oskari's godly endurance. So far the Church's Inquisitors have taken no interest despite the demonic influence in Oskari, mostly because of his heroic reputation among the locals and the legendary fighter's guild he belongs to, but they will definitely be watching him closely as he ages. His heart is still free of corruption however and he fights with a burning hatred for those who defile the forests he grew up in.

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