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Greetings! I go by Croc and have been in the fandom for, well... let's just say a while. I am a fursuiter, amateur photographer and remixer/DJ (as AudioDile).

Music has been my inspiration, solace and lifelong companion.

My fuzzy friends are Croc, Avery (grey wolf), fox brothers Blooper & Camper, and Prowl (tiger). You'll be seeing a lot of them on my page, as they're infinitely more photogenic than I.

Please feel welcome to introduce yourself if you meet (or would like to meet) any of us. We are a friendly bunch!

NOTE REGARDING COMMISSIONS: I'm not an artist. I don't draw - however if you want a mashup/remix/long mixed set of music, that I can do. Styles I can do are pop, rock, dance, soul, electronic & downtempo. If you're an artist and want to trade art for music (dreamers can dream), let's talk. Otherwise I'm probably more affordable than you think.



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For Those Who Would Friend Me..

This is just a note to people who I haven't met who friend me.

While I'm flattered and will usually add you, there are separate abilities here to just follow someone versus friending them. To me, friendship is not something to take lightly as I feel that term is thrown around too much these days, a problem exacerbated by social media. I am always looking to make new friends, but in my experience that requires a little effort: some chatting or at the very least, a hello as an initial declaration of your desire to *actually* be friends in more than just a functional "let me see your personal art" sense.

Or to put it more simply - if you're going to friend me, I encourage you to actually talk to me so I can feel like there's a real sincerity in the gesture, and not just a meaningless button click representing something that really doesn't exist.

If that's too much trouble, or you don't REALLY want to be friends, I respect that, but as my life is already quite busy, I have a lot more ability to make room for friends than acquaintances.

With that said, thank you for noticing/following/appreciating anything I post here.

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    Thanks for faving! Glad to see you at FC.

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    Been ages, mah fellow caiman!

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      Hello! But I don't recall, when did we previously meet?

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        Met you at a party mid-90s in Tampa thereabouts I'm sure. My memory is kinda iffy, but I recall that much!

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    pounces and drags off for snuggles ^_^

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    A wolf in a crocodile suit! Wait, no, a crocodile in a fox suit... wait, now I'm just confused

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    There he is ^-^