A simple motion by CrispyChocolate

A simple motion


5 June 2014 at 16:08:34 MDT

The simplest stroke is the swell of the ocean
The slightest caress, a well of emotion
Flowing through you and flowing through me
Waiting in silence, swirling inside you
Steady and slow, rhythm is patience
All that we know, answers to questions
Growing in you, growing in me
Fulfilling a need, over and over

A simple motion over and over

The smallest of glances, a deep understanding
A brush of your hand, love everlasting
Covering you, covering me
Eternally made, over and over
The quietest whispers drown out explosions
Voices are heard but words never spoken
Coming from you and coming from me
Filling a void over and over

A little picture i drew to this amazing T.a.T.u Song i found today, called 'A simple motion' or 'Prostye Dvizheniya' in russian. I prefer the russian version though. It just sounds way better. But the english lyrics are nice too. I tried to go for a more sensual than sexual feeling here. I felt bad after my last picture and needed to draw Chrissy and Dansei together. <333 And i really love how it turned out :') Here's a link to the russian song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QNz40ldlFs&list=FLbhZhp2GXd13l_9VPOnv7wA&index=1

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