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Heroic Canines (& a Cat) Have Fun in Bouncy Balls! by CrimsonStar7359

Heroic Canines (& a Cat) Have Fun in Bouncy Balls!


As promised here: , I DID say I was gonna show y'all what a Bouncy Ball Chamber on one of Planet Balloonius' (which is again, ONLY for adults!) Balloon Temples & I'm gonna explain how it works.

It's basically like a skate park, but with more ramps, springs/bounce pads & floating platforms here & there. Right at the entrance of the Chamber, you'll see a large silver vending machine-shaped device called a Latex Container Machine. Once you pick your color for your Bouncy Ball (or let it pick a color for you if you don't care), you just gotta hop into it & you'll come out nice & squished, painlessly of course, in a Bouncy Ball around half your size. You can roll & bounce as much as you like, as it's made of a special thick rubber but your ball will break if you get crushed by something, or... Something makes your body forcibly inflate (heh). Once you're done playing, you can just push your way out & it'll break.

Here we see Krypto The SuperDog, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Balto the wolfdog & Streaky The SuperCat rolling & bouncing around on a rather high part of the Chamber. I figured they could use some time to relax & have fun after fighting crime. Sure looks fun, huh?

Krypto & Streaky from Krypto The SuperDog (c) DC Universe, Warner Bros. & Cartoon Network
Courage (c) Cartoon Network also
Balto (c) Universal & Amblimation.