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Markiplier Pony Plush by crescentmoon1996 (critique requested)

Markiplier Pony Plush (critique requested)


21 January 2014 at 00:31:05 MST


I decided to make a Markiplier pony for 2 reasons:
1. I've become a pretty big fan of Mark's in the span of 2 weeks.
2. It was a good excuse to try out clothes, iron ons, magnets, and a new improved pattern.

It was very fun working on him, especially trying all the new things (and even watching quite a few of his series)
It took about 2 days to work on him, minus the search for glasses, which didn't work out well anyway (they're too small!)

Fun Facts:
He is 1' tall from hoof to fauxhawk.
His Eyes and Cutie Mark are made of High Quality Dark Iron-on Transfers
His body is made from Sand Colored Minky, and his mane is made from Black Minky
His shirt is made from Black Pilled Fleece
The Warfstache is made of Bubblegum Colored Minky, with a magnet inside, along with one in his nose.
His glasses are small plastic doll glasses painted Black, and are removable; his shirt is not
He is filled with high quality poly-fill, and his hooves are filled with poly-beads so he can stand on his own

Note: His glasses are TEMPORARY, as soon as I can manage to find a bigger pair of glasses I will take new pictures

Markiplier Belongs to Himself I'm sure
My Little Pony Belongs to Hasbro
Patterns by Me
Eyes by datNaro and recolored by me
Cutie Mark by Me

Markiplier Pony is NOT for sale, he will be staying with me

EDIT: I know a few of you want to own a Markipony of your own, but I'm not sure it would be fair to Mark if I just started making these commissions without his permission (He's a real person!! And this is based off of him!!) So I will not do these unless I get permission, and I don't know how to ask him, if any of you who want one wouldn't mind helping me get permission, I would appreciate it, and can give you a small discount if I'm allowed.

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