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[GIFT] Natalie MacTavish by CreatureOfHabit

[GIFT] Natalie MacTavish


Natalie MacTavish is the steampunk OC of an old friend of mine from back in my steampunk fundraiser days. She's a strong-willed Scottish woman with a sharp wit, limited patience, and a knack for engineering, which makes her the perfect leader for a crew of well-intentioned ne'er-do-wells like that of the Airship Goliad!

Thanks for your continued support, Nicole. I appreciate you staying around for so many years, even the times when I barely had enough time or resources to draw anything and I was livestreaming trad art on an actual Potato™ washi-taped to a posable desk lamp on the kitchen table. I miss the whole crew, and I hope that some day soon I can get back together with you all for some good old-fashioned bounty-hunting!